The most essential advantages of plastic roads

Plastic Roads have been tried and tested and have proved to be an eco friendly, efficient way of road construction. Briefly, thin plastic is shredded in shredding machines and then mixed into bitumen to create a strong bond. This plastic is melted, not burned and therefore there is gaseous residue. the other advantages include:

  • Longevity: upto 3 times that of the current methods of road construction
  • No cracking or potholes
  • Resistance to water
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Reduced stress on bitumen which is not an unlimited resource either.
  • Best use of plastic waste. This thin plastic is not recyclable and the only ways of disposing them are incineration or landfilling.
  • Completely eco-friendly.
  • Inculcation of waste segregation culture. If every other country can do it, nothing should be stopping India from making a start somewhere.

The Commissioner’s message to Chennai

We caught up with our favourite Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai Mr PWC Davidar to take his message to the citizens of Chennai. Check out what he has to say, and we encourage you to be an active part of this initiative!

Official campaign song

More than anything else, this campaign has taught me a great deal of team work, a lot of patience and a whole load of PR!

This song was written by Shruthi, composed by Varun, Elvis and Josh, and sung by Swapnil (verse 1), Shruthi (Verse 2), Trishna (Rap!) and Evelyn (Verse 3).

A big thanks to all the guys at the studio who have helped put this song together. And a big thanks to Chennai Live 104.8 fm for partnering with us! Stay tuned for a fabulous making of the song video, and lots more.

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Teaser Video

Check out our fabulous teaser video. We’re working towards better roads in Chennai, would love to hear from you and hope that you will support our cause in any way you can! Like us on to find out more!

Teaser launch

Plastic Salai launched a teaser campaign before we launched the actual campaign. Our posters went up on trees all over our college campus and has created a huge amount of curiosity! Below are images of two of our posters, and a response one of them has invited. We’re SUPER excited!

Follow up posters coming soon!


Our teaser poster

Say YES to plastic!

Why so? Says a curious person who has seen our poster

Exnora tells us what to do with so much plastic

Is plastic good or bad? Depends on the user, really. Much like a knife can be used to save someone’s life, or take it forever.

Mr. MB Nirmal, Chief of EXNORA visited us to talk to us about the best way to handle the menace of plastic which we seem to be generating in millions of tonnes today.

His key messages were-

MINIMISE use of plastic

MAXIMISE reuse of plastic

MANDATORY recycling of plastic

So how exactly do you and I minimise use of plastic? Easy, carry your own shopping bags, think about the product you are buying and if it really needs that much packaging. Do you really need to buy a water bottle wherever you go? Maybe you can carry your own bottle and fill it up from home, or at water fountains depending on where you live.

Save plastic bags in a bag holder, or easier, fold them up neatly and stack them in a shelf. For people who are really really pressed for time, store a few plastic covers under your mattress. It saves space, and helps you reuse bags as well.

Since many countries have plastic recycling mechanisms, it’s easy to simply drop plastics in the right bin. The Corporation of Chennai, for the first time ever, has started a massive drive to collect plastics to use them for road laying. So Chennaites, all we have to do is keep aside plastic waste and empty it into the red bins once a week.

We’re leaving you with a thought:

When you buy something, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I really want this?

2. Do I really need this?

3. Can I afford it? Do I have enough to go out tomorrow and buy the same thing again?

4. Can I be without it?

5. Can I postpone buying it?

If we all asked ourselves these questions everytime, imagine how much our waste would reduce.

Posters coming soon! Stay tuned.

Interesting solid waste statistics

We found some interesting statistics on the solid waste produced in the city of Chennai.

Turns out about 9% of the waste is plastic, glass constitutes 11%, metal – 3%, paper 13%, bio degradable waste – 55% and inert – 9%.

55% bio degradable waste! We’re thinking lots of fuel. Too optimistic?